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Hello World! For the first time in my illustrious career as a technology professional, these words are actually relevant to the task at hand – and not a meaningless exercise as I forge down a path of yet another programming language or development environment.

Who am I? I’m Alvin Kreitman, a technology professional from Charlotte NC. I’m a mid 40’s (ambiguity is good), white male, happily married (with a wonderful family) tech-dude that decided it was time I put my .02 about the technology world in a place where I can share it – all while concurrently removing the corresponding chaos from my head.

A small bio

I originally hale from Louisville Ky, and I lived there for the first 25 years of my life, and a subsequent 4 year stint after about a decade in Orlando Florida. I moved to Charlotte NC back in 2001 to take on a leadership role with a publishing company as their technology lead for online initiatives.

I’ve never really been the voice of any particular political agenda, nor have I felt the need to speak out for (or even against) any cause or movement. I’ve always had this problem with considering myself under-qualified to be on one-side or the other of issues, so I choose to stay out of it all-together. So then it should be no real surprise that my political views are mostly moderate – but I definitely tend to sway liberal; at least partly because I can’t stand people like Rush Limbaugh.


I was telling the story to a much-younger colleague not long ago about my first computer modem. It was an intriguing possibility that you could plug in your computer to a phone and actually connect with the world. So I ventured out and purchased a 300 baud modem for nearly $200.00. A few weeks later, I helped to co-author a BBS with a friend. In those days, phone lines were expensive for college kids, so you had to be loaded to operate a BBS on a dedicated phone line. So I operated the BBS on my home-phone, but only in the evenings and only on certain days of the week. That was, in hind-sight, a mistake. I’d have piercing modem phone calls coming in at all hours of the day and night.

In the early part of my career, back in Louisville KY and subsequently in Orlando Florida, I worked as a computer salesman. I wouldn’t really qualify myself as being an extraordinary salesman – but I had skills that some people in the business obviously lacked. I was technical but able to communicate with normal folks – by using language they could understand. That skill has served me well in the many years since those early days.

It wouldn’t be until the mid and late 1980’s that I got my first paid gigs for programming. I became a consultant, and I worked with a variety of local contacts I harvested from my sales job. I worked with languages and operating systems that have long-since vanished including Clipper,dBase III, FoxPro (still around to some degree), BASIC, and Turbo-Pascal. I took a job as a full-time programmer working with a major aerospace company in Orlando, and followed that job with another job with a major employer.

So at this point – we’re well into the 90’s. I have 1 kid and 1 on the way, and I’m working with a good friend on developing a company to take part in this new emerging world called the Internet. He’s the sales guy – and I’m the tech guy, and we’ve got great ideas about pulling businesses onto the information super-highway. We got some business back then. Mostly helping people in the early days develop websites.

A few years later (and tons more web-development experience) and I land in the company that I’m currently working for. It wouldn’t be long before I took over as lead for their online initiatives. I’ve been there ever since.

OMG, how things have changed!

It’s a new world now. Many call it Web 2.0, but I call it amazing! This is indeed my fate; my destiny. I want to add something to it, and that’s why I’m building this site.

Look forward to seeing you every once in a while!

Alvin Kreitman

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