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Maury, if you would!

Hi everyone. Welcome to What’s it all about? Who am I? You’ll find these things out on the pages of this site. But here is a sneak-peak; I hope to make this site a combination of an online professional and personal diary and offer my own nonsense opinions about the world of technology, and how it continues to be my passion after 20 + years.

Why techkismet?

Why not? No really. Kismet translates to “fate”. Unlike many who choose their educational curriculum and career path with the help of guidance counselors or aptitude tests, or even the family’s influence – my path was to be decided for me. Yes, ladies and gentlemen; technology is now and has forever been my “fate”.

Before tech, I never was particularly above average in any of the traditional school subjects. It wasn’t until 1981 at the University of Louisville that I took my first computer programming class. It was BASIC, and we used Commodore PET computers to build, compile, and run our source code. For the mid-term exam, the professor handed out the problem we were supposed to solve. It was your basic “n choose r” binomial coefficient factorial problem to be solved using BASIC programming. Along with a perfectly coded solution to this problem, I showed the professor a BASIC version of space-invaders I had been developing on my own. He was floored, and I was hooked. I spent the rest of my college career and the many years since honing my skills in various languages and techniques.

So now, here I am now at 44 years old; deeply ingrained in a position of technology influence for a publishing company – arguably at the height of my career – and still going strong with my passion for this world. I think I have something to share, and I want to use tech-kismet as my soap-box (kind of). I hope you will enjoy coming to visit every once in a while.


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