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Delete Orphaned Snapshots from your EC2 Account

Have you ever noticed how sometimes snapshots just kind of pile-up for volumes you no longer need to keep snapshots for? This script is perfect for that. It requires the PEAR install of the AWS-SDK for PHP. TIP: Run it with the switch –dryrun to show you what it would have deleted. Here is the […]

College Football Schedules for your iPhone.

OK Folks – I’ve been asked over the past few years if I could do this – and I promised that one day I would. I finally spent two hours tonight and got it done! I have just completed an iphone/ipod-touch version of my somewhat famous college football schedule widget. To get started – simply […]

ec2 Snapshots – finding snapshots for volumes that no-longer exist.

I have at times managed dozens of EC2 instances; each with their own volume. Alongside all of these instances, I’ve had dozens of additional volumes that were attached to various instances – or used for various things. In an earlier posting – I showed you how to automatically create snapshots of your volumes. This can […]

FanWidgets for WordPress UPDATE

Due to popular demand, I’ve made a change in my WordPress FanWidget to allow the CSS I’m using to be overridden. The design can now be under your complete control (assuming you know a little CSS). See more information here

A quick way to automate AWS EC2 Snapshots

Earlier I posted a way to cleanup snapshots. I’ve had a few emails asking how I automated the creation. Here is a quick command line (Linux) to automate the creation of the snapshots. Make sure you have your environment setup and the latest version of the EC2 Tools API installed and in the PATH. You […]

Automating EC2 EBS Snapshot Cleanup

I’ve recently taken on the task of building and now administering a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. The EC2 command line tools provide all of the basic functionality you’ll need as it relates to creating new instances, EBS volumes, snapshots, and nearly everything you would ever need to do with all of the assets. The […]

Twitter Lists – A nice addition – But how do you filter out the junk?

I have to admit that I’m not usually one to be excited about the so-called innovation that comes out of many of these larger internet companies. In fact – very few of the so-called “enhancements” really impress me. But I’ll give props to Twitter. The road-map they’ve put together is exciting to me as a […]

Smart LAMP Application Backups using Amazon’s S3

Repeat after me: I must backup my LAMP applications!! If you’re like me – you’ve hacked your way through several iterations of backup scripts over the years. I can’t even imagine how screwed I’d be if my server went down without a backup. I have thousands of hours worth of code and ultra important and […]

I apparently look a little like Kate Blanchett!

Go figure.  I found this cool image analysis tool that attempts to see what celebrities you might resemble…

Don’t you love College Football?

OK, so I’m making my first real contribution to the WordPress community. I’m a freak for college football; I have been for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, I developed a widget in Yahoo Widgets (formally Konfabulator). It’s called liveSchedule, and it allows users to display their favorite team’s schedule including […]