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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

College Football Schedules for your iPhone.

OK Folks – I’ve been asked over the past few years if I could do this – and I promised that one day I would. I finally spent two hours tonight and got it done! I have just completed an iphone/ipod-touch version of my somewhat famous college football schedule widget. To get started – simply […]

ec2 Snapshots – finding snapshots for volumes that no-longer exist.

I have at times managed dozens of EC2 instances; each with their own volume. Alongside all of these instances, I’ve had dozens of additional volumes that were attached to various instances – or used for various things. In an earlier posting – I showed you how to automatically create snapshots of your volumes. This can […]

FanWidgets for WordPress UPDATE

Due to popular demand, I’ve made a change in my WordPress FanWidget to allow the CSS I’m using to be overridden. The design can now be under your complete control (assuming you know a little CSS). See more information here